Laffa Laffa

Middle Eastern street food: Now in Moscow!
Laffa – the soft, thin flatbread they use as a shawarma wrap in Israel – has made its way to the Russian capital. The traditional Middle Eastern street food spot is located next door to the Malaya Bronnaya Theater and the Bolshaya Bronnaya Synagogue.
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The place

The Laffa Laffa street food eatery on Malaya Bronnaya opened its doors in the fall of 2014. Laffa, a kind of a thin flatbread, is hugely popular in Israel and Lebanon as a wrap for meat, vegetable, or falafel stuffing as well as a side for practically any dish. The only problem with laffa is that it quickly gets stale, so it is usually baked right before serving. This is the way the bake it at Laffa Laffa – fast and right on time, like everything else.

The main dish here is, of course, shawarma: exactly like the one you could get from a street vendor in Tel Aviv or Beirut, cooked on coal fire – and on coal fire only – by Levantine expats.

The restaurant’s ambience follows its general concept. The colorful graffiti on the walls courtesy Evgeny Ches and Alexey Kru of the FORMA Agency add some street zest to the interior design and branding created by the DAFtwo architectural bureau.

The food

Laffa Laffa’s menu features the all-time Middle Eastern cuisine favorites such as baba ghanoush, hummus and falafel. The options in the Laffa section include a choice of the yeast-free or regular flatbread and a customizable set of meat, other stuffings, and sauces, as well as cheese or meat with greens and laffa as a side.

Malaya Bronnaya
Address: Malaya Bronnaya Street, 4
Workhours: Mo - Su 11:00 - 00:00

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