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Yest’ Khinkali & Pit’ Vino

Huge variety of Georgian dumplings, historic building, quiet terrace
Khinkali, traditional Georgian dumplings, are made by hand in the open kitchen of this authentic eatery in the center of the Russian capital. Watch the process and enjoy the atmosphere, Georgian wine, and live music while waiting for the result!
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The place

YKPV has long ago won the hearts of Moscow’s most demanding restaurant goers. The building in the upscale Ostozhenka neighborhood is a Federal architectural landmark. The interior is designed by the Georgia-based Rooms studio, known for their work at the eponymous hotels in Tbilisi and Kazbegi. The furniture, including pomegranate chairs and custom-shaped, inlaid tables, is also created by acclaimed Georgian artisans and hand-hewn with an ax. Warm tones and modern chandeliers add to the pleasant ambience.

The traditional party table seats up to twelve guests and is just as ideal for lively feasts as for more quiet wine-sipping gatherings. As for the khinkali, the extensive selection of classic and novel Georgian dumplings includes the kosher variety, otherwise difficult to come by in Moscow.

The food

YKPV features khinkali from all regions of Georgia, while the precise recipe of the delicate dough is a secret of the house. In addition to the traditional meat-filled khinkali, the restaurant offers vegetarian ones, cheese-filled kvari, sweet khinkali, and very special treats for younger gastronomists.

Always in search of new culinary inventions, the YKPV chefs regularly come up with unique khinkali fillings and new flavors. The result of their continuing effort is an entire section of original khinkali with Italian truffles, goat cheese, porcini, pumpkin and the fine nadugi cream cheese.

YKPV offers an impressive wine list almost 50 items long. It includes kosher varieties, premium Georgian wines such as Qvevri and Khvanchkara, and imported bottles from renowned winemaking regions across the globe.

Malaya Bronnaya
Address: Malaya Bronnaya Street, 4
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