01 Июня 2018

Yest' khinkali & Pit' vino: summer menu

Caucasus-style gazpacho, okroshka, spinach salad and strawberry soup with almond petals: meet the hot season's cool menu at the Georgian cuisine eatery chain.

This summer new dishes ideal to enjoy during the hot time of year will be available at all Yest' khinkali & Pit' vino locations. The first item on the summer menu is the cold tomato soup (350 rubles). The famous Ziryan tomatoes are first slowly pureed in the blender for a more delicate flavor. Other ingredients of this gazpacho variety include fresh-squeezed lemon juice, celery, and the ajika sauce.

Okroshka is another refreshing soup option. The list of ingredients of this summer favorite includes beef tongue, mashed potatoes, red radish, cucumber, greens, and egg. The choice of ayran or bors kvass (400 rub. either) lends okroshka a special savory flavor.

Summer salad with spinach and avocado (470 rub.) is excellent as a nutritious light snack, while strawberry soup with vanilla ice cream and almond petals garnish (350 rub.) makes a great dessert.

A selection of sorbet flavors including mango, raspberry, and lemon/orange/ginger mix can help combat especially sweltering weather. Delectable ice cream options - ristretto, mascarpone with fig, grandma's plombir, and basil-based - conclude the YKPV summer spread.