01 Сентября 2018

Yest' khinkali & pit' vino: meet the fall georgian style

Fig salad, corn cream soup, khinkali with pumpkin filling, homestyle pie stuffed with the season fruits and berries, and mulled wine - at the Georgian cuisine cafe Yest' khinkali & Pit' vino (LL Group), the arrival of the fall means a new season menu.

The chef Keti Svanadze created about a dozen autumn dishes with the gifts of the new harvest - figs, pears, corn, pumpkin, ripe fall berries, and fresh greens - as main ingredients.

The honorary first spot in the seasonal list is occupied by the fall salad (460 rubles) with delicate-skinned figs, spinach, radicchio, greens, and fresh homestyle cheese. The cheese is produced in-house according to a Georgian recipe and using fresh dairy farm milk and an authentic ferment starter. Next comes the corn cream soup (350 rubles) with the same variety of cheese and tomato garnish.

But the signature dish of the YKPV chain is, of course, khinkali. In addition to the standard selection featuring more than 20 delicious thin-crust options,  the two seasonal choices are spicy khinkali, with pumpkin and hot ajika, and the sweet variety, with pumpkin and pear. Either type comes boiled or fried (60 or 65 rubles a piece, respectively).

Other special treats of the new fall season at YKPV include a delightful choice of pies - plum, cranberry, lingonberry, apple, or pear (280 rubles each) - and tangy mulled wine (380 rubles),  making a classic combo for chilly autumn evenings.