01 Июня 2018

Khachapuriya: breakfast all day long

A good breakfast tastes even better if you can enjoy it at any time of day. Specially for those who prefer quark pancakes for lunch or fried eggs for dinner, breakfast at the Khachapuriya cafe & bakery chain is served all day long.

Coming to Khachapuriya too late for breakfast is highly unlikely thanks to the chef Grigoriy Meneshian, who cooks breakfast dishes from 11a.m. and up to the closing hour. Russian-style quark pancakes (300 rubles) or classic pancakes (250 rubles for a 3-piece serving) that come with sour cream and jam (the classic ones go with condensed milk as well) is an excellent way to start - or continue - your day.

And if you can't imagine your breakfast without fried eggs, you can choose among scrambled, sunny-side-up, omelet,  or the authentic Abkhazian variety with tomatoes, greens, and ajika (300 rubles each option).

Those who require that wake-up caffeine hit won't be disappointed either: Turkish (150 rubles), espresso (150 rubles), americano (190 rubles), cappuccino (230 rubles), latte (280 rubles) and hot chocolate (240 rubles) are all on the list.