01 Июня 2018

Khachapuriya: a caucasus summer

With the new seasonal dishes created by the Khachapuriya chef Grigoriy Meneshian, the summer menu at the cafe & bakery chain became even richer and more flavorful.

All summer long, both Khachapuriya locations on Bolshaya Nikitskaya and Pyatnitskaya will serve the hot day favorite okroshka (360 rubles) - with beef, quail eggs,  and nutritious, refreshing ayran made specially in-house. The cold soup pairs well with another new item on the menu: green salad with zucchini tartare and fried hazelnuts (450 rubles). As for hot dishes, there is always a huge selection of fragrant, crispy khachapuri. Among the most popular are:  imeretian (350 / 410 rubles), cheese, garlic, and greens (390 / 450 rubles), lobiani (360 / 400 rubles), half-closed pie with cheese and egg (390 / 450 rubles), and closed pie, or penerli, with whitewater trout, cream sauce, and tarragon (520 rubles). The cafe also offers more than 30 varieties of gluten-free khachapuri.

To wash down the khachapuri - or have a standalone refreshing drink - visitors can order the popular Georgian lemonade Zedazeni (180 rubles), recommended by the chef Grigoriy. The drink comes in different flavors, including tarragon, cream, saperavi, duchesse pear, lemon, and feijoa. Ice cream lovers may choose between vanilla and chocolate options (150 rubles a scoop).

The Pyatnitskaya location is suited for the season especially well thanks to the recently opened summer terrace, moderately sized and cozy.