01 Июня 2018

Khachapuri: fresh from the oven and gluten-free

Khachapuriya, a Georgian cuisine cafe and bakery, follows the latest healthy food trends and invites you to try gluten-free khachapuri (cheese-filled bread).

If you are gluten-intolerant  or simply wish to try new things, check out our Pyatnitskaya location:  an entire section of the menu is comprised of gluten-free khachapuri options.

The chef Grigoriy Meneshian uses rice, corn, or buckwheat flour for these healthy variations of the all-time classic. The choice of fillings for the well-browned, fragrant khachapuri (680 rubles each) includes  cheese, spinach, potatoes, and cheese and potatoes, all baked in an authentic wood-fire oven,  as well as the ever popular closed-type pies with suluguni cheese and egg (650 rubles).

And if you crave homestyle baked goodies, the stuffed buns Khachapuriya offers are scrumptious and crispy. Naturally, they are gluten-free as well! The fillings include meat, potatoes, and spinach (120 rubles each).