About company

LL GROUP - restaurant group Liki Lewin Successful and actively developing restaurant holding Liki Lewin and Ardy Tuzhba.

The first restaurant group project was created in 2014 - gourmet street food project Laffa Laffa with Middle Eastern cuisine and the best shavarma in the town on Malaya Bronnaya. Next, the café-bakery "Khachapuriya" was opened for fans of hot Khachapurs from a wood-burning stove.

Later appeared the most popular khinkal on Patricks - "There are khinkali, drink wine", where in the open kitchen for guests preparing khinkali from different regions of Georgia! The project was very successful and quickly became a network: today in Moscow there are institutions in Malaya Bronnaya, Pyatnitskaya and Ostozhenka.

Despite the fact that all the projects of the restaurant group are different, they are united by a deep immersion in the national cuisine and an original concept embodied with love.

Our restaurant holding is developing rapidly! In 2018, two more establishments are preparing for the opening: the restaurant of modern Greek-Georgian cuisine MITO's and brasserie Moscou with its own confectionery shop and Pink Mama.