Cafe and bakery with 30 varieties of khachapuri, Georgian-style cheese bread
"Our cafe tells the story of khachapuri as it is known along the Black Sea shore."
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The place

Wood dominates the interior design of both locations, and real wood stoves are used for cooking khachapuri and meat, while the lavash flatbread is baked in the traditional torne oven.

The primary Khachapuriya on Bolshaya Nikitskaya has a single dining space with vaulted ceiling, decorative firewood stacks along the walls, and casement windows with lemon-yellow awnings.

The other location on Pyatnitskaya features a street-level bakery shop offering hot khachapuri pies, apple lavash, cold snacks and homestyle desserts to go. The second floor dining hall, complete with an open kitchen, a bar, and two party-size tables, seats up to 70 guests.

The food

Nearly three dozen kinds of khachapuri on the menu include yeast-free and gluten-free options, authentic regional varieties such as Imeretian, Mingrelian and Abkhazian, closed-pie types with different stuffings, layered achma, and mini-sets – all baked in wood-fired ovens while you look! And traditional Georgian appetizers like pkhali and satsivi go naturally well with the hot crispy lavash right from the torne oven.

Among local aficionados the cafe is also known for its desserts – especially doughnuts, which are filled with custard, chocolate, or apple jam. Overall, Khachapuriya appears to have found a lucky balance between comfort food and pleasant surprises, blending strong traditional flavor with today’s trends.

Address: Pyatnitskaya, 6/1
Workhours: Mo - Su 11:00 - 00:00

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